C2 – Validation of Spectroscopic Tissue Differentiation Methods

Research Area C: Surgery & Pathology

Validation of spectroscopic methods
[Photo: University of Tuebingen]

Research Goal

For intraoperative tissue differentiation, analysis at the level of solid tissue as well as at the level of composites of different tissues and single cells is important. In the graduate program, the validation of spectroscopic methods for tissue differentiation will be covered by clinical scientists in the following research areas:

1. Metastasis, pathogenesis of tumor diseases
2. Innovative non-invasive therapy methods for the treatment of solid tumors
3. Differentiation of tissue composites

Research focus of the doctoral students in medicine in the Department of Women's Health:

a) Characterization of global cellular alterations of DTZs using Raman microscopy
b) Characterization of changes in DTZ-DNA methylation by Raman spectroscopy
c) Characterization of global cellular and epigenetic changes of plasma treated tumor cells using Raman microspectroscopy and IR spectroscopy
d) Characterization of dose effects and functional tissue penetration depth of physical plasma using Raman microscopy
e)/f) Characterization of a tumor entity from different anatomical regions and analysis of intratumoral and peritumoral regions


This image shows Sabine Matovina

Sabine Matovina


Clinician Scientist C2

This image shows Sara Y. Brucker

Sara Y. Brucker

Prof. Dr. med.

Deputy Spokesperson of RTG 2543, Principle Investigator of Subproject C2

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