Research Area C: Surgery & Pathology

C1 – Development of an In-vitro 3D Bladder Tumor

Cultivation of tumor organoids for in vitro testing of various diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.
[Photo: Niklas Harland]

Research Goal

a) Development of a bladder tumor organoid model

b) RNA expression studies in bladder tumor organoids

c) Establishment of an in vitro screening model of tumor cells

d) Investigations to characterize the transcriptome of single cells from the purine of patients with G3 bladder tumors

e) Establishment of organoids from cells of the rinsing urine of patients with G3 bladder tumors

f) Establishment of in vivo tumor models from tumor organoids


This image shows Niklas Harland
Dr. med.

Niklas Harland

Clinician Scientist C1

This image shows Arnulf Stenzl
Prof. Dr. med. Dr. h.c.

Arnulf Stenzl

[Photo: Klinik für Urologie]

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